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Our firm represented Doris Stout of Edwardsville in her Worker’s Compensation claim against Anthem, Inc for carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands and a left thumb injury.  We settled the case for $64,444.23 on March 17, 2016.  In addition, the settlement contract provided that Anthem, Inc. would pay Barnes Jewish Hospital for the medical expenses in the amount of $11,576.66, incurred by Mrs. Stout.


 Mrs. Stout called us in the months following the settlement and told us that she continued to be contacted by Barnes Jewish Hospital for payment of the medical expenses Anthem, Inc. was legally obligated to pay.  We contacted Anthem, Inc.’s attorney and demanded that the medical expenses be paid by Anthem, Inc.  When Anthem, Inc. failed to pay, we filed suit on October 17, 2016, under Section 19(g) of the Worker’s Compensation act, in Madison County against Anthem, Inc. asking the court to order Anthem, Inc. to pay the outstanding bill and to assess fees against Anthem, Inc.  Rather than go to trial, Anthem, Inc. agreed to satisfy the Barnes Jewish Hospital bill and in addition to pay the sum of $22,450.85 to Mrs. Stout!


 The lesson here for insurance companies is “don’t mess with our clients.”  Pay what you agree to pay, or you will end up paying three times that amount.